Written by Anthony G. Deyn, National Trainer and Presenter for Les Mills UK

If you’re a fitness fanatic or a self-help junkie, take another look at the books, magazines and internet guides that you’ve invested time and money in over the years. All the exercises with fit bodies demonstrating poses as if they’re easy. If they aren’t helping, throw them away – at the very least you’ll have more space at home! People always want something for nothing, truth is, if you want results we must take action and work hard.

Barriers to exercises, I’ve heard every excuse under the sun. It is time to take action. I challenge you to…THE 60 SECOND PLANK CHALLENGE.

Here’s the deal. Every day for 1 month you execute the plank with strength and control for 60 seconds. On the first and last day of the challenge you will film yourself for the whole 60 seconds and nominate 2 people. Then post your hard work on social media and spread the plank challenge. The fun part is you can do this at the office, home, gym, park…anywhere. Continue to execute the plank every day until a month is up and film yourself for the last time, again, nominate 2 others. Who knows, you may enjoy the benefits so much perhaps you’ll continue with a 2 minute plank each day?

As you continue this plank challenge for a whole month you will benefit from: Stronger upper and lower abs, obliques, and lower back. You will Build stabilizer muscles. Improve posture and help prevent back injuries. Overall you will strengthen your entire body from inside out.

What to do?

  1. Get face down on the floor resting on your forearms and knees.
  2. Push off the floor, raising up off your knees onto your toes.
  3. Keep your elbows or hands directly under your shoulder for a strong foundation.
  4. Brace your abs to protect your lower back and to prevent your hips from sticking up.
  5. Keep your back flat — don’t drop it or you’ll be defeating the purpose. Picture your body as a long straight board, or plank.
  6. Set your timer for 60 seconds and PLANK.


It’s ok if you don’t make the entire 60 seconds…it’s the taking part that counts, maybe your first attempt might be for 20 seconds but here’s the deal, keep doing it for the whole month. It will challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally. You’ll feel stronger, walk taller and throw in a bit of cardio and you’ll see the difference in definition.

For an example on how to perform the Plank Challenge, click on the link below to see me demonstrate a safe and effective plank. Good luck and remember – nominate 2 people at the start and end of your month.


Posted on 7 January 2015 in FITNESS & HEALTH

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