SUMMER 2015 – The Trends, Styles and What to Wear

Summer dressing for us guys can be a tricky subject. Winter offers the stylish man a myriad of stylish options, from plush wool suiting to upmarket joggers, what autumn winter lacks in warmth it makes up for in fashion. So what if you’re skin’s pretty much see-through and you’re carrying a couple of Christmas pounds; if you can drape yourself in stylish knitwear everything’s going to be fine.

On the other hand, spring/summer is where so many men fall down. Yes, your beach body may be looking fine, but is that vest really appropriate? The heat wave that engulfed last July saw far too many guys in a nipple slip situation: looking like a woman falling out of a Versace party dress far and away negates any sex appeal of your muscular arms. Besides, so many summer collections, from High Street to high end are straight up bad. Bright colours, awkward sleeve lengths, too much jersey and a pervasively casual vibe feature in too many men’s summer wardrobes.

However, hope is not lost. SS15 offers the fashionable man many an opportunity to keep the style rolling all year, never sacrificing taste for tan. As the menswear market only continues to grow, events like London Collections: Men are ever more pushing the boundaries of what a stylish guy can get away with. From Topman to Tom Ford, this summer promises to be fresh and fashionable, with not a tacky jersey vest in sight.

Fringed Leather Jackets

Trend: Fringed Leather Jackets


Trend: Tropical

The first trend to consider when planning your next fashion move for this season is the Latin heat that burned its way through many a collection at LC:M. Designers drew upon sunny images of Latin America and the Hispanic Caribbean, from the vibrance of Brazil to the faded beauty of the Cuba. For fans of soft, paled out colours and brown tones, there’s plenty of jersey options in chilled-out prints that make great casual summer staples. For those that want to go all out, invest in a fringed leather jacket for a look that will carry you right through to winter.

If that’s all sounding a tad ‘Mexican cowboy’ and you want a more natural feeling, then fear not. Tropical patterns were re-imagined with an Amazonian feeling: exotic blooms, foliage and leaves featured across a variety of shirts, tees and trousers. If you’re brave enough, take on the trend as mismatched printed extravaganza: wear a shirt in one design, and trousers in another. Admittedly, that’ll only really work on guys that are broader up top or slim all over, but don’t be afraid to try it and see.

If South American splendour isn’t your look, then we saw statement stripes become a huge thing. Some designers showed traditional pinstripe, in fresh colour ways, layered upon layer of mismatched tones for a modern take on a classic French Riviera look. Just mix pinstriped casual trousers with a seersucker jacket and mismatched striped shirt for an outfit that’s preppy without being stuffy.

A more modern take on stripes went down the catwalks of Milan. Modern, bold stripe was seen all over in striking black and white. Throw off any image of old school prison uniforms and embrace a standout shirt in monochrome vertical stripe. Remember a couple of seasons girls were rocking this same print on jeans? Well, the trend is finally taking Menswear by storm. There’s a reason the ladies loved it so much: there really is nothing quite as slimming as a stripe. Another alternative is to take on Emporio Armani’s re-imagining of sailor stripe. In a variation that is a million miles from anything you’d consider Breton, jackets and jeans featured barcode like stripes of various widths in a horizontal form. Call it cyber pirate, call it what you want: it’s a striking look that will get all the right heads turning.

Bold Stripes

Trend: Bold Stripes


Trend: Green

Whilst it’s not the most groundbreaking of trends, it seems like the colours du jour for this summer are a kaleidoscope of green and blue. From cyan to cerulean, from emerald to khaki, blue and green were all over the catwalks and are soon to be all over the high street. The versatility within this colour palette is huge: On one hand, traditional images of long summer afternoons by the sea, on the other a sports luxe safari. It’s a Ralph Lauren ad versus a gamekeeper wearing Kenzo.

The simplicity of green and blue is quite freeing. Within the confines of this limited colour palette, there’s very little room to go wrong, meaning that this is an easy path to sartorial success. Remember that old rule your mother used to say? Blue and green should never be seen? Well, for SS15 happily disregard that sartorial urban myth. Pair some over dyed green jeans with a navy sweatshirt or knit for on off duty option, or consider some green chino shorts with a denim shirt for a smart-casual summer evening option

This summer’s collections are a refreshing injection of great pieces into what can be a tricky season to shop and dress for. For the stylish man, there’s plenty to choose from, no matter the style or occasion. Whether you’re looking preppy for a smart-causual wedding, or are just catching some rays in Hyde Park after work, there’s no reason to let the style side down. And if all else fails just remember the golden rule: unless you’re a teen pop star, there’s never a reason for skimpy vests or tiny shorts.


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